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Automated Events Feature (Triggers)

Here is how to use the Triggers tab to Automate Events

First you need to create a contact list that contains the names and information of the individuals you would like to automate sending for a specific event. 

Go to “Contacts” in the tool bar on the left side of your screen and create your contact list. 

Make sure that when you add your contacts that you also enter the necessary date in the custom field that will pertain to the trigger that you want to create. i.e birthday, company anniversary, bonus days, etc

If you need to create a new custom field you can do this by going to “Account” in the tool bar on the left side of the screen and then “Custom Fields” and then +Add a Custom Field

Before you create your trigger you will need to make sure that your incentive is set to a fixed value in your incentive settings in the incentives tab. 

Next to set up your trigger within a project you will need to go to the “triggers” tab within your project and click on +Add Trigger

From here you will name your trigger, and then select the custom field that applies to the trigger. Choose the time of day you would like your incentive to send and then toggle the Active switch to On.

Once your trigger has been created you can perform certain actions by clicking on the actions drop down menu in the far right column of the trigger. 

  • Edit – will return you to the trigger settings screen where you can adjust the name, custom field, time or turn the trigger on and off
  • View Scheduled – will show you all of the recipients names and information
  • View Failed – will show you if any trigger sends have failed
  • Delete – will delete the trigger on that project 

You will know that your trigger or automated event is set to go by clicking on the view scheduled. This screen will confirm all of the recipients and pertinent information.

Here is a quick tutorial video to walk you through the process!

Updated on December 29, 2023

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