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What are my payment options?


TruCentive accounts may be funded multiple ways including Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer or Check. Funding time is dependent on your banking institution or credit card provider.

Credit Card and ACH payments may be completed from within the platform; however, check and wire transfer payments require an invoice to be requested. 

  • ACH – up to 6 business days
  • Check- up to 10 business days
  • Credit Cards – 48 hours
  • Wire Transfer – typically same business day or up to 2 days

Note that the amount of time may vary before funds are available in your account.

To add funds go to Account/Billing and enter your Payment Method. You may add a credit card from the home page, or select the Payment tab to enter additional credit cards or bank accounts.

Invoiced payments may also be made via Credit Card or ACH by following the payment link in the invoice.  

You may also choose to make a Third Party ACH payment to an invoice using your own payment provider.

Click on the blue “Add Funds” box on the billing overview page to be taken to all funding methods and select the one that is best for you.

Current Plan

The current plan section has the detail on your current plan; Pay as You Go, Essentials, Enterprise, etc. It will also show you the options for your plan as well as any additional features you may have added to your plan, A La Carte.

Updated on August 11, 2023

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